About School


The curriculum of Miranda Sr. Sec. School is set according to the norms of R.B.S.E. It focuses on student’s learning which is made effective through various innovative methodologies designed to engage the students actively.
We focus on experiential learning which is the process of “learning by doing” and is a crucial input for making learning joyful. With the aim of focusing the academic energies on developing the child’s innate ability of learning to learn, we excel in the field of academics.

With a very favourable Student – Teacher Ratio and excellent programs, students can expect learning to be both enjoyable and meaningful at Miranda Sr. Sec. School. We emphasize on a play-way method of teaching by using different types of puzzles, games and Brain development programs.

Strong Foundation

At Miranda Sr. Sec. School, activities are a vital part of student life and learning. Activities invigorate the life of the school by bringing students together for creative, athletic, leadership and numerous other endeavors.
Instilling ancient Values, teaching essential Life Skills and developing right habits enables child to adopt a lifestyle that creates a balance among all dimensions of life and attain complete wellness (body, mind and soul). All together they act as the greatest unifying forces in life and pillars of a strong foundation for responsible GLOBAL CITIZENS of tomorrow.