Vision & Mission


Our vision is to create an environment that require individuals to grapple with complex problems, pursue more fluid and flexible career pathways, and collaboratively create change.

Our Aim

Our three main aims are

  • Intellectual Development: Empowering every student with the skills and knowledge required to cope with the competitive challenges of the complex world.
  • Character Development: The school instils in every pupil the basic human values and pride by drawing examples from our rich and varied heritage.
  • Physical Development: A right mixture of sports & extra-curricular activities ensures an overall physical development in every student.

"Unity is strength...
when there is teamwork and collaboration,
wonderful things can be achieved."

Living The Dream

Teachers create gardens in their classrooms. They grow “love,” “hope,” “learning” and “joy.” At The Miranda School, the child is the nucleus of the entire teaching learning process. Here the teacher is a facilitator and an equal partner in the entire journey of a child's quest for knowledge therefore we call them Mentors. Every possible care is taken to ensure that our mentoring staff is of the highest possible quality in terms of dedication, talent and passion. The role of mentors extends much beyond classroom teaching. Mentors at Miranda are accessible to parents and students alike for one-to-one consultations, are helpful in addressing individual educational needs and eager to help. The comparatively small size of each class enables our mentors to give enhanced attention to each student.